Campbell Co. Commission reviews statue museum decision

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – The Campbell County Commission has changed its mind by bringing a museum to town.

At the county workshop last week, Commissioner Ralph Davis discussed the idea of ​​bringing a museum to the county, with the idea of ​​showcasing statues of figures from American history.

“We thought it would be nice to have this museum in Campbell County, save our history and bring some income to the county,” said Davis.

But when the news broke the museum could also potentially include Confederate monuments that were demolished in Tennessee, causing an uproar in the community.

Campbell County Commissioner Scott Kitts was the only commissioner to vote against the museum during the workshop. He said his decision came from more immediate needs within the city.

“The reason I voted the way I did is not against the Confederate or the union. My position is that we have a lot more things in the county that need to be taken care of. Such as our children, our elders, our jobs and our infrastructure, ”Kitts said.

On Monday, Davis announced that the motion for the museum would go no further.

“It hurt people’s feelings and I’m sorry. The commissioners are sorry. There was never any intention for this to happen and unfold as it did. We don’t need something that is going to upset our people, ”Davis said.

Along with his apologies, Commissioner Davis said next month he would retract by removing Campbell Co. from the list of counties that would like to have this type of museum.

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