Elden Ring Player finds a museum artwork that looks a lot like the Prisoner’s Helmet

A Ring of Elden player has found a piece of museum art that bears a strong resemblance to the Prisoner’s helmet in the game. The helmet, called Prisoner Iron Mask, is part of the armor set known as the Prisoner Set in the game, and is recognizable to anyone who has chosen the Prisoner as their starting class in Ring Elden. Although the exact location of the museum has not been confirmed, the resemblance is uncanny.

The prisoner’s iron mask in Ring of Elden is the starter helmet for the class called Prisoner, which is a hybrid type starter class that focuses on high dexterity and intelligence. The helmet stands out in-game for its unique and creepy appearance, which sees the player’s entire head encased in iron in addition to an eye and a hole for a mouth. The helmet can be obtained in-game by selecting Prisoner from the starting classes in Ring of Elden or by buying it from a specific merchant in the large open-world.


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In a Reddit post by user BowlSerious, actual art that looks like the prisoner’s iron mask is shown. While it’s hard to tell what the art is made of from the photo alone, or where in the world this museum is located, the primary focus of the poster and responses on Reddit is its strong resemblance to the Prisoner Iron Mask. This piece of art looks consistent with the iron prisoner mask in the game, even featuring a hole for an eye and an open mouth. This isn’t the first time players have discovered real things that look like in-game items, like a fan discovering an actual rock that looks like a giant Smithing Stone in Ring of Elden.

The post on Reddit is tagged as humor and is clearly trying to get people laughing Ring of Elden fans, and with over 7,600 upvotes at the time of writing, it seems many fans would like to see another real-life version of an item from the game. Further comments on Reddit, after acknowledging how great the headset looks like the one in the game, discuss how powerful the headset really is in the game, being one of the most balanced and easily obtainable headsets. Beyond armor and items, there have been other similar creations in real life, such as a sculpture of the enemy fingercreeper in Ring of Elden.

With a game as vast and detailed as Ring of Elden, it’s hard not to notice and get excited when players find real-world objects that remind them of their time in the Lands Between. Just like exploring and admiring Ring of EldenHoping to find out about the adventure and stumble upon it, some fans accidentally discover that parts of their adventure also take place in real life.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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