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The Snowman

THE first major exhibit on graphic novelist and picture book maker Raymond Briggs is coming to the Bowes Museum this fall.
Raymond Briggs: A Retrospective delves into the work of the author-illustrator behind some of the UK’s most influential children’s books and graphic novels.
Briggs, who died earlier this year, is best known for his silent picture book The Snowman. But over a 60-year career, Briggs has created illustrated books on themes ranging from family relationships and grief to social mobility and political satire.
This exhibition includes works from Briggs’ pioneering titles, including The Snowman, Father Christmas, Fungus the Bogeyman, and the autobiographical novel Ethel and Ernest. On display are his drawings, handwritten typography and page designs from his first commissions to his 2004 book The Puddleman.
“[To be an illustrator] you must be a mini actor. If the character is to walk casually with his nose in the air, you have to imagine what that feels like. You have to be the person and watch the person, and do both of those things,” Briggs said.
Co-curated by Nicolette Jones and Katie McCurrach, the exhibit features original artwork courtesy of Raymond Briggs’s Archive and Penguin Random House.
The exhibition runs from November 12 to February 26.

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