Nintendo plans to turn the defunct factory into its first museum

One of the deceased Nintendo factories can be turned into the world’s first museum for the games company.

Nintendo, one of the world’s leading electronics and video game companies, has released a declaration share his project for the museum. The press release stated that the Uji Ogura The Kyoto factory will be transformed into a gallery to exhibit Nintendo’s many products over the years. It will be the first museum of its kind devoted entirely to the history and philosophy of Nintendo. Although not explicitly mentioned, the statement suggests that the city administration agrees with the plan.

Nintendo was first created in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi as a manufacturer of playing cards. However, the Japanese company has found real success as a video game maker. The company was one of the first to create video games. Some of the most iconic games like Mario, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda were created by them. The company has also ventured into gaming consoles since the 1970s, with products like Wii and Switch becoming popular among consumers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Nintendo’s latest game

In 2020, Nintendo was the richest company in Japan. The company released Animal crossing: new horizons early 2020, which saw massive success during the pandemic. Playing cards like Pokemon also found new interest during the lockdown, while older cards were auctioned off.

The Uji Ogura Plant, simply called “Uji Plant”, is a former Nintendo factory located in Kyoto. It was built in 1969 and initially made playing cards. He also produced hanafuda cards, a popular card game traditionally played in Japan but also in some other Southeast Asian countries. The factory was released in 2016 after opening a new factory in Uji.

The museum is slated to open in 2024 and is said to contain products of the company over the years, including rare artifacts.

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