Parkside student wins first place in Holocaust Museum art competition | Securities

Amira Sadieva, who is finishing her seventh year at Parkside Middle School, won first place in the junior division of the Virginia Holocaust Museum’s 2022 visual arts competition.

Amira Sadieva, a student at Parkside Middle School, won first place in the Virginia Holocaust Museum’s 2022 Visual Arts Competition.

Sadieva’s creation, titled “Forget Me Nots,” received the 2022 Carole Weinstein Award for Tolerance and Justice in the Visual Arts during a ceremony at the Richmond Museum. In addition to the prize, Sadieva received $500 and the winning artwork will be displayed in the Virginia Holocaust Museum exhibit. Sadeiva was competing against other sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

Students participating in the contest were tasked with submitting artwork that expresses how they have been impacted by learning about the Holocaust and that supports the contest’s theme, “Never Again.” In the written description accompanying the submission, Sadieva indicated that the numbers displayed on the arm of the older pair of hands represent those tattooed on prisoners in concentration camps for identification.

“I generally knew what the Holocaust was, but doing the project at school allowed me to learn more about the different stories of victims and introduced me to the concept of never forgetting,” Sadieva said.

Describing the piece, Sadieva explained that “15-20mv” stands for “15-20 million victims”. The symbols on the butterflies are in Hebrew for life, peace and freedom. “The flowers in the painting are called forget-me-nots, and the pot in which they are kept is passed from the older pair of hands to the younger pair, symbolizing older generations teaching history to newer ones so that their memories are not forgotten, are not extinguished and do not lead to the repetition of history.

Sadieva’s art project was done as homework for teacher Marc Larochelle’s seventh-grade social studies class. Twenty-eight classmates also submitted artwork for the contest. Judging was based on the interpretation of the topic and how well the student’s submission communicated the theme of the contest.

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