Peter Ronstadt, Kidd Squidd and more are inducted into the Tucson Musicians Museum

Six local musicians will be inducted into the Tucson Musicians Museum at the 17th Annual Celebration of Music and Culture next Sunday.

Peter D. Ronstadt comes from a musical heritage. He is the son of Michael J. Ronstadt and the nephew of Linda Ronstadt. During his career, he played several instruments such as violin, tuba, banjo, bass and guitar. He currently performs in his duo Liz & Pete, the Ronstadt Brothers and The Co.

“It was a surprise, but an honor,” Ronstadt said. “It will be great to be up there with a group from Ronstadt who have supported the family legacy.”

Ronstadt told the Sentinel that his fondest musical memory was with his father and his family.

“To be able to spend most of the last years of my father Michael J’s life with him in both a personal and professional context while we played Ronstadt Generations with my brother, Michael G.”, Ronstadt said.

Famous Tucson DJ Dave “Kidd Squidd” Squires is also on the list. He would DJ at events like weddings or at clubs while teaching Transcendental Meditation in New Mexico. He eventually made his way to Tucson and for decades had a radio show on KXCI.

“I’m totally surprised,” Squires said. “Obviously I’m very flattered. I was on the air for 38 years and we were all volunteers at KXCI and we did it because we loved the music.”

Squires said he made his money spinning records at parties and weddings. He said he didn’t want to be a musician because he “was lazy” but still loved music.

“My show was basically a celebration of American history and music from the ’20s through modern times,” Squire said. “In all those 38 years of being on the air every Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m., I never thought, ‘Oh, my God, I have to do my show today.’ Never. I was looking forward to getting some air and doing my thing. It was so much fun being a DJ. It was so awesome.

One of the musicians to be inducted is Matt Pimple, a drummer who has played with bands such as the 4 Pigs, Flying Donkey Punch, Grudge Holder, Single Finger Theory and Dredging the Lake, among others. John Hawk, guitarist and harmonica player, will also be inducted into the museum. His previous acts included the Roy Clayborne Show and his own band which he formed with musicians Mike Montiel, Jean Nordin and John Chastain before going solo.

Anthony “Nick” Augustine – who has played with bands such as Jackie Blue & the Cosmic Touch Revue and Eddie Papa Gabriel and The Crescent City Connection – and Steve Shell – who is in his band Shell Shock – will also be inducted.

George Howard, director of the Musicians Museum, told the Sentinel that the late Damon Mariscal would be added to the in memoriam lineup. Hawk, Augustine, Shell, Pimple and Ronstadt will perform at the event.

The Tucson Musicians Museum charity event is an opportunity to raise funds to benefit not only the museum, but also its mentorship program.

The museum program was created to help train young local musicians and provide instruments for those who cannot afford them.

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