Pop culture buffs will love this museum’s collection of cars

If you like movie props, famous celebrity vehicles, classic cars, hot rods or if you just like nice cars, you have to check out the Rodz & Bodz collection in Denver, Colorado. Tucked away in the Colorado Mills Mall is a fabulous museum property of Zack Loffert. Zack has acquired over a hundred really cool vehicles. He spins around 60 of them in the 30,000 square foot showroom, which opened in 2019.

The museum houses a mix of original screen cars, replicas that Zack and his team built or acquired themselves, as well as celebrity cars, muscle cars and hot rods. It’s a great place for a fun day out that’s packed with exhibits the whole family can enjoy.

Virtual tour of the Rodz & Bodz collection

Thanks to Petersen Automotive Museum you can now take a virtual tour of the museum. This ten-minute video tour is available on the Petersen’s YouTube channel, and Zack does a great job of hosting. It’s a great way to see all the cool stuff he’s accumulated inside.

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Superhero fans will also be delighted. Because they don’t just have two Batmobiles (replicas of the 1955 Lincoln Futura car from the original 60s TV show and the one driven by Michael Keaton in Batman and Return of Batman), they also have a Batman motorcycle with Robin sidecar. And there’s also a more obscure Bat Monster Truck. This thing sits next to Tobey McGuire’s legendary Spiderman suit and there’s a bright yellow ‘BumbleBee’ Chevy Camaro replica, just like the one from 2007 Transformers movie.

Horror movie fans can see a replica of the infamous Christina Movie car from the film based on Stephen King’s novel. Quentin Tarantino’s 1970 Chevy Nova Proof of death that Kurt Russell rode is also on display, near the futuristic motorcycle used for the screen in which Paul Bettany hunted vampires, in the film Priest.

Players will love seeing the “Outlaw”, a replica of the black and white police car that appears to be pumped with steroids, from the popular video game twisted metal. And behind it is a fully electric version of the “M12 Warthog” armored ground attack vehicle from Halo, with a scale model of Master Chief holding a massive gun on top.

A great day for the whole family

Flying car
by the Petersen Museum

Kids (as well as adults) will enjoy seeing a replica of the 2016 ghost hunters car ‘Ecto-1.’ A 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse with Ghostbusters emblems on the doors. And Harry Potter fans will go crazy for the flying car, a light blue 1962 Ford Anglia car (license number 7990 TD).

All children love dinosaurs. And they will be able to see a ladder of a standing next to a Willys Jeep like the ones used in jurassic park. And if they glance up at the roof, they’ll see ET flying on his famous bike above them.

For the stranger things fans, there’s the screen-used yellow 1984 Cadillac Eldorado that bears the “Todfather” license plate. The entire cast has already been filmed in this car. And behind it is a replica of Police Chief Jim Hopper’s Chevy Blazer. These are just a few highlights. They also have vehicles from other favorite kids movies such as Cars and toy story.

Action movie fans can get up close to one of the V8 interceptor stunts used in madmax. A 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT 351 similar to the one Mel Gibson drove in the film. This one has its original Australian Hemy block sticking out of the bonnet. And there are also a lot more adrenaline-charged cars. Dom Torino’s famous Dodge Charger and Jessie’s VW Jetta from Fast and furious franchise are among the stars.

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If comedy is your thing, you can see the Dog Van from Stupid and even dumber. This is the car that is nicknamed “The Shagging Wagon” and it is completely covered in fur. Zack has to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. And Austin Power’s electric chase car, a silver Corbin Sparrow single-seater from the movie gold member is there too, with a Mini-me on the roof.

TV Icons and Celebrity Cars: The Rodz & Bodz Collection

Little bastard
by the Petersen Museum

Besides a large collection of movie cars, the exhibit also includes cool TV icons. A replica ‘Kitt’ of Knight Rider, a General Lee raised from the Dukes of danger and the on-screen used 86 Lincoln Town car that starred in Sons of Anarchy, true blood and Lincoln’s lawyer.

There are also a bunch of really cool celebrity rides. A replica of James Dean’s 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder “Little Bastard” (in which his life was tragically cut short) is one of the exhibits. Zack had this particular car imported from Brazil and his team customized it to look like the movie star’s famous, but tragic, race car.

What Zack has managed to pull together is nothing short of amazing. Its Rodz & Bodz Museum houses a really fun and interesting collection. Vehicles the whole family can enjoy. He also has a very noble goal: to get the younger generation more interested in cars. And what better way to do it than a fun family day out at the mall. Well done Zack!

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