The museum’s county fair exhibit is open through July 26

The John Paulding Historical Society in Paulding is currently presenting a special exhibit on 150 years of Paulding County Fair History, 1872-2022.

This year’s Paulding County Fair may be over, but there’s still time to enjoy the fun and excitement with a special exhibit at the John Paulding Historical Society.

The exhibit commemorates 150 years of the fair at the Paulding County Fairgrounds, 1872-2022. The museum is located opposite the Paulding Exhibition Centre.

The John Paulding Historical Society Museum displays several loaned artifacts to help tell the story of the Paulding County Fair since the fairgrounds were established in 1872.

The exhibit, which opened June 13 during fair week, runs through July 26 during regular hours, Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Free entry.

Visitors can learn about the Fair’s development and changes over the years with categories focusing on the 1872 Fair, Grandstand, Buildings, 4-H, Miss Paulding County Annual Beauty Pageant , the 1972 centenary celebration and noteworthy events.

Artifacts on display include vintage fair posters, fair books, Miss Paulding County dress, an 1873 membership card, photographs, memorabilia and more. Several local residents loaned items to the museum for this exhibit, which was curated and curated by historical society vice president Melinda Krick.

The Paulding County Agricultural Society purchased 25 acres of land from Paulding for $900 in the spring of 1872. The society then built a board fence around the land, cleared the site, and built a flower hall, a half -mile, a desk, booths and a set of booths. The officers declared “Paulding County Fair, Competition open to the world!” The first fair at the exhibition center took place from October 15 to 17.

A total of 415 registrations were registered that year. Bounties were granted in five classes of horses, one class of walkers and trotters, servants and mules, four classes of cattle, two classes of sheep and three classes of pigs. Also judged were entries for poultry, vegetables, grains, groceries, fruits, agricultural (commercial) implements, mechanical goods, home manufactures, sewing and ornamental work.

The 1872 bounty list includes winners for entries such as Best Barrel Flour, Best Gallon Vinegar, Best 5 Pound Butter, Top 600 Shingles, Pig Iron, Silk Quilt, Crown of hair, the pair of pigeons, the dog and the carriage and “Chry’s Anthemum” (chrysanthemum). Anna McCormick won first place in women’s riding and the Paulding Silver Band won a $30 prize for best group.

The Paulding County Fair and Fairgrounds have undergone many changes over the decades. What hasn’t changed in 150 years is the local pride in the county’s agricultural heritage and its fairgrounds, the competitive spirit among attendees, community support for the fair, the thrill of horse racing and the pleasure of attending the fair. It is hoped that this exhibition will help visitors recall fond memories of the fair days and understand some of the traditions and events that shape it today.

For more information, contact the historical society at 419-399-3667 or via Facebook at

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