The new historical museum shows what Mount Pleasant looked like before today.

A local resident of Mt. Pleasant is opening a historical museum.

The Dog Town Museum shows what the area looked like before it actually became Mt. Pleasant.

Cynthia Kilmer, the president of the museum, has always been interested in the Civil War period. She was a lawyer in the Isabella County area and represented a number of Native Americans and learned their stories. A stone and a plaque, exhibited at the site of the old council house, is another of the objects that aroused his interest in history.

“That was part of my initial peak of interest in this area. I saw this rock, Donna and I were cruising around and we saw this rock, and looked at it and I thought, wow c It’s really fascinating,” said Kilmer.

Her inspirations came from Protar’s Home Museum on Beaver Island and she knew she could do the same for Mt. Pleasant. The old house at 981 Craig Hill Rd. was once a business. Kilmer went there one day and asked the owners if they would call him if they were considering selling, a few years later they did. Kilmer was able to put a down payment on the house and bring his idea to fruition.

She has done a lot of research on the history of the area and continues to uncover more. One of his tactics for finding information is to visit cemeteries and look at the tombstones of families who lived in the area. She uses a title search and is able to uncover more information that connects one piece to another.

Kilmer found several different maps that show the layout of the old town and the buildings that stood during different periods.

She hopes to open the museum to the public within the year, but is waiting for the city to approve it. In the meantime, she is looking for and accepting volunteers to help paint and put the finishing touches on the house.

Once the museum is open, admission will cost you nothing. The museum is non-profit. Kilmer isn’t looking for money, she’s just looking to share her interest in the town’s history with the rest of the community.

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