This man stuck a museum tag next to a hole in his office wall and turned it into modern art

A graphic designer placed a cheeky poster next to a hole in the wall of his new office, turning it into a work of modern art.

Padraig Murphy stuck his own gallery explanation next to a hole that exposed outlets and switches.

“A daring interpretive piece, Exposed Wiring & Controls was one of a series of unfinished works produced in the spring of 2018,” he writes.

“Critics have suggested that this was a commentary on modern life’s obsession with time constraints and the nature of unfinished projects.

“The partially completed work shamelessly shows the artist’s underlying processes, challenging the viewer to criticism.

“Confident and accomplished work.

Unsurprisingly, Padraig works for a printing, signage and design company based in Galway, Ireland.

But a few days later, the original art was vandalized. Someone had stuck a piece of plank over the hole.

“I like to think I inspired them to move the project forward,” Padraig told the Press Association.

So like any good curator, he updated the sign for the new piece of art.

“Driven by previous work in more difficult media, Blatant Patch Job is representative of a burgeoning ascetic uniformity in art that is both reactionary and ultimately conformist in nature. “

“While some accused the artist of simply attempting to whitewash the works of former creators, others found in Blatant’s pristine white an invitation to consider what the artist chose to hide.”

People on Twitter have started adding their own art criticism to the conversation.

People even wanted to visit this new gallery themselves.

And don’t worry, Padraig wasn’t in trouble.

“The office laughed a bit about it,” he said.

“A lot of people found it funny, lots of modern art jokes, and that’s about it.”

And in case you wanted to create some aggressive passive gallery panels for your own workplace, he put them together by pasting stickers printed on foam board, and cut them afterward to achieve that professional-looking finish.

So now every unfinished office remodel and every dirty cup of coffee left in a sink can be a work of art, too.

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