Virtual museum teaches Pinoys about climate issues

A screenshot of the arctic biome at Museo Kalikasan. Handout

MANILA — A new virtual museum aims to help Filipinos better understand climate and environmental issues.

Called Museo Kalikasan, the interactive platform is the result of a partnership between Epson and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines.

It aims to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on different ecosystems and encourage action through sustainable consumption and the transition to cleaner energy sources, among others.

“Technology plays a vital role in the implementation of environmental education in the Philippines. Especially during the pandemic, venturing into the virtual space has greatly helped us to continue our work of promoting environmental awareness. and to raise awareness of sustainability among students, teachers and citizens,” said Dino Calderon, WWF Philippines Project Manager for Education for Sustainable Development, in a statement.

“The battle against climate change can be won by capturing the hearts and minds of people, starting with young people, who have the most to lose if the climate crisis is not adequately addressed,” Ed added. Bonoan, general manager of the marketing division of Epson Philippines.

A three-dimensional online museum, Museo Kalikasan is run on web browsers and includes three educational biomes: Arctic, Tropics and City. Each addresses topics ranging from biodiversity in the ecosystem to the science of climate change.

Users are encouraged to sign a pledge board where they can choose sustainable lifestyle practices and advocacy to which they can commit.

The Museo Kalikasan is also integrated with Camp Kalikasan, an online portal offering educational material in the form of stories, comics, games and puzzles.

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