Tips on how to repay your loan faster

These installments consist of the principal amount of the loan itself and the interest rate charged on the outstanding balance. For many, these payments become an unbearable burden or too quickly become tired of the borrower, and then he begins to think of ways to get out of debt faster. We have already found that […]

Is transferring a loan beneficial or not?

You may have taken out a loan in the past. At the time this was perhaps a good choice, but times have changed. Those who have taken out a loan in the past often come to the conclusion that the conditions are far from ideal by current standards. Often this is reflected in a high […]

Credit center or help with getting a loan

Of course, you want to find the best, most profitable and cheapest solution, but you often have to use what’s available. Borrowers often receive prestigious bank denials because of their guilt and recklessness. Misrepresentation, ignorance of beneficial programs and their rights lead to the creditor either refusing to the client or offering financial assistance, but […]

5 Tips to Save and Keep Your Financial Life Healthy

Money: for most people it has become increasingly difficult to save money, since everywhere we see ads of the “cell phone of the year” or the new Mexican food festival of that famous restaurant … We are daily swallowed by the “black hole of the information “that is nothing more than all this publicity, present […]

Child Tax Credit

This is a popular credit. You may be eligible for $ 1,000 per child up to a total of $ 3,000 if you have children. They should be younger than 17, and both you and your children must have Social Security numbers assigned to or before the tax date for the year. Every child should […]

The good is waiting (and the same goes for your finances)

  We face this choice every day: delay comfort or get instant satisfaction. It happens to us in all aspects of life, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. And it turns out that most of the time, people choose to feel comfortable in the moment before thinking about what will happen […]

Cheap personal loan

When taking out a cheap personal loan, the interest, the monthly charge and the term of the loan are determined in advance. The advantage of this form of borrowing money is that you know exactly where you stand because the interest on your personal loan cannot fluctuate and the term of your loan cannot become […]

Borrowing money for renovation – Loans

Do you have plans for a major renovation at home? But do you not know exactly how much you will spend or are you afraid that you have not saved enough money? It would of course be terrible to have to stop in the middle of the renovation, due to lack of money. In that […]

Borrowing and debts with GTU

To pay for your study and livelihood as a student you can apply for student finance. You do this at the DKjauslo Juaik (DUO). New bachelor and master students in higher education can borrow money and possibly receive an additional scholarship. Borrow: how much? Consider and calculate before you start borrowing if it is really […]

Household Saving Ratio

Through Statistics Sweden, I have obtained information on how much the Swedish households save, or rather how large their savings ratio is. For you and me who save and invest our money, savings ratio is an interesting metric. It is stated as a percentage and is the money you save divided by your net income. […]